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Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin at Sky Nails & Spa | Nail salon High Point, North Carolina 27262

Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin at Sky Nails & Spa - Nail salon High Point, North Carolina 27262

Every woman knows that getting a professional manicure is one of the best ways to pamper yourself and feel relaxed. At Sky Nails & Spa, we offer a wide variety of manicure services, but one of our most luxurious options is the Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin. This indulgent service is perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a truly special experience.

What is a Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin?

A Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin is a type of manicure that includes all the traditional steps of a manicure, plus the added benefit of paraffin wax. This type of wax is known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties, making it the perfect addition to this already luxurious service.
The process starts with a soak to soften the cuticles, followed by nail shaping, cuticle care, and a relaxing hand massage. Then, the hands are dipped into warm paraffin wax, which is left to harden and then removed to reveal soft, moisturized skin. The final step is the application of your choice of nail polish to give your nails a perfect finish.

Benefits of a Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin

There are many benefits to getting a Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin. Firstly, the paraffin wax deeply moisturizes the skin, making it perfect for those with dry hands or brittle nails. The warmth of the wax also helps to increase circulation in the hands, which can relieve pain and stiffness. Additionally, the relaxing massage and overall pampering experience can reduce stress and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why Choose Sky Nails & Spa for your Deluxe Nail with Paraffin?

At Sky Nails & Spa, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality nail services in a clean and welcoming environment. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that you receive the best possible care during your Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin. We use only the finest products and materials to ensure that your nails look and feel their best.


Classic $25
(Nails are shaped, cuticle is groomed, hot towels, massage, and your choice of polish)
Signature $30
Classic manicure upgrade with mask
Deluxe $40
Signature upgrade with paraffin
Collagen Manicure $35
* Additional charge for gel polish $10 extra
Gel Manicure $35
Collagen Gloves $15


Trimming, cuticle cutting, massage with hot towel, hot stones, and your choice of polish are all included with all Pedicures.
Classic $35
(Orange-sugar scrub to remove dead skin)
Signature $40
(Classic pedicure upgrade with marine Mask)
Deluxe $50
(Signature pedicure with Orange scrub, mask, and paraffin upgrade)
Organic $55
Feel wonderful spa treatment with paraffin. 
Experience clean, safe, and healthy spa care with varieties of high quality ingredients , looking forward every me-time moments.
Super Deluxe with paraffin $65
Happy feet, happy life:  A Jelly pedicure is a fun way to indulge yourself while also putting your feet in shape.
Beauty secret: Enjoy your beautiful skin as a result of Pearl detoxification.
Forever Young: Green tea and Honey anti-aging treatment to nourish and preserve your skin.
Endless Love: Re-charge skin that is soothing and relaxing, leaving skin firm and soft with Serum treatment
Love Me to The moon and Back: CollagenSpa refresh and revitalize muscle tension while massaging, leaving skin rejuvenated and warmth effects. SUPER-20DELUXE-20WITH-20PARAFFIN-w1920.webp 15623..webp
Escaped Weekend with Volcano Spa $80
Packed with attractive, high-quality materials that emits a joyful, bubbling, and fizzing Volcano Eruption that blows away dirt and impurities. It also contains CBD (Cannabidiol), which when applied to the skin reduces pain and inflammation.15623.webp

If you're looking for a truly indulgent and luxurious manicure experience, look no further than the Deluxe Manicure with Paraffin at Sky Nails & Spa. From the hydrating and moisturizing benefits of the paraffin wax to the relaxing massage and expert nail care, this service is sure to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. Book your appointment today and experience the ultimate in self-care.

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