Sky Nails & Spa



Classic $25
(Nails are shaped, cuticle is groomed, hot towels, massage, and your choice of polish)
Signature $30
Classic manicure upgrade with mask
Deluxe $40
Signature upgrade with paraffin
Collagen Manicure $35
* Additional charge for gel polish $10 extra
Gel Manicure $35
Collagen Gloves $15


Trimming, cuticle cutting, massage with hot towel, hot stones, and your choice of polish are all included with all Pedicures.
Classic $35
(Orange-sugar scrub to remove dead skin)
Signature $40
(Classic pedicure upgrade with marine Mask)
Deluxe $50
(Signature pedicure with Orange scrub, mask, and paraffin upgrade)
Organic $55
Feel wonderful spa treatment with paraffin. 
Experience clean, safe, and healthy spa care with varieties of high quality ingredients , looking forward every me-time moments.
Super Deluxe with paraffin $65
Happy feet, happy life:  A Jelly pedicure is a fun way to indulge yourself while also putting your feet in shape.
Beauty secret: Enjoy your beautiful skin as a result of Pearl detoxification.
Forever Young: Green tea and Honey anti-aging treatment to nourish and preserve your skin.
Endless Love: Re-charge skin that is soothing and relaxing, leaving skin firm and soft with Serum treatment
Love Me to The moon and Back: CollagenSpa refresh and revitalize muscle tension while massaging, leaving skin rejuvenated and warmth effects.
Escaped Weekend with Volcano Spa $80
Packed with attractive, high-quality materials that emits a joyful, bubbling, and fizzing Volcano Eruption that blows away dirt and impurities. It also contains CBD (Cannabidiol), which when applied to the skin reduces pain and inflammation.


Full set gel $45 & Up
Fill-in gel $35 & Up
Full set regular $35 & Up
Fill-in regular $25 & Up
Ombre Full Set $55 & Up
Ombre Fill-In $50 & Up
Liquid Gel full set $60 & Up
Liquid Gel fill in $50 & Up
Pink and white full set $60 & Up
Pink and white Fill-In $50 & Up
Length additional charge $5 & Up
Shape (Almond, coffin, Stiletto, tapered square,...)

Natural SNS/Dipping Nails

Color dip $40 & Up
color dip full set $45 & Up
Pink and white dip $45 & Up
Pink and white dip full set $50 & Up
color dip ombre $55 & Up
color dip ombre full set $60 & Up

Other Services

Finger Nails regular polish change $15 & Up
Finger nails gel polish change $25 & Up
Toes Nails regular polish change $15
Toes Nails gel polish change $25
French Tips $5 - $10
French (U, V, Curve shape) $15
Designs $5 & Up
SNS take off $10
Gel polish take off $10
Acrylic take off $15
Cut Down $5

Kids Services

Please ask for the price, get $5-$10 off for kids.


Eyebrow $10
Lip $7
Chin $15 & Up
Full Face $40 & Up
Half arm $25
Full arm $40
Half leg $40
Full leg $60
Under arm $25
Bikini Lines $35
Brazilian $65
Back Waxing $50 & Up
Chest Waxing $30 & Up
Belly Waxing $20 & Up